giovedì 21 febbraio 2013

Luxury villas and homes, sales increase in Italy

A luxury house with pool
The luxury real estate market does not seem to have suffered from the crisis, indeed.

The analysis conducted by an indipendent observatory analyzed the sales of luxury real estate in Italy (here some examples of luxury homes and villas in Italy), recording an increase of 16% between 2011 and 2012.

You can buy real estate property and more throughout the boot and especially from abroad, particularly from Russia. Data that bode well for the industry in a time when other properties are still on the other hand if not in decline: ISTAT has photographed the real estate market in the same period that saw a decline in sales of 23.6%. Italy thus confirming land of beauty, able to attract foreign investors, attracted by the beauty of our country and the most exclusive houses.

The types of luxury homes in Italy ranging from ancient to modern, following the most beautiful routes in our country. The archaeological wonders, cultural and gastronomic traditions, natural beauty, ranging from the sea to the mountains, the reasons for living in Italy are many, especially for foreigners who have bought more prestigious properties between 2011 and 2012. The figure that emerges from the research speaks of buyers in the United States increased (+9%) and England (+3%). The most significant of these is Russia, which is an increase in double figures with a + 12% of searches on the portal, in particular from Moscow (+55%) and St. Petersburg (+30%).

Different types of luxury homes affecting buyers from Russia are wondering designer villas, while the British confirmed the charm of the Tuscan countryside (Chiantishire) or the cities of art, primarily Florence, Venice and Rome, while the U.S. recall Made in Italy remains the strongest.

Even the location vary according to the groups of buyers with a preference of Russian classics of Italian luxury in places like Lake Como, the fashion district of Milan and Sardinia, while the British link historic houses and castles of the Tuscan hills, the masserie or historic buildings in Venice, followed by the Americans who alternated historic farmhouses to villas and housing design.

Always the Russians are also distinguished by the greater purchasing power for luxury homes ranging from 10 thousand to 15 thousand euro per square meter, exceeding 15 thousand when it comes to villas in Costa Smeralda: the lower the average expenditure of British and American between the 8 thousand and 12 thousand euro per square meter.

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  2. Despite Italy's economic crisis, its real estate sector remains unscathed—mainly because it is one of the most liveable places on Earth. Moreover, Italy is great for holidays. The food, tourist attractions, landscapes, climate, history, culture—who wouldn't want to purchase a home and live in this seemingly magnificent place? Nevertheless, thanks for posting this write-up. It's very informative. Good day!