lunedì 4 marzo 2013

Real Estate, optimism back with the Web: digital relocation

The new web frontier of real estate market, the dedicated real estate search engine
According to a survey, the benefits in terms of efficiency of the use of the Web for real estate portals are characterized by rapidity in providing timely information to customers, the ability to keep up with the competition and meet the demands of the market with significant time savings and money.
The web marketing can very well replace the obsolete forms of traditional advertising, such as newspapers and magazines, which in addition to being inefficient, requiring large amounts of money.

From the point of view of the purchasers, not only are praised all the characteristics of a digital communication, but also the speed to be able to take advantage of an estate portal in order to submit their ad, to be viewed also from a wider range of customers and international at affordable prices.
With the increasingly widespread use of search portals property changes the relationship with the customer that easily with one click can search for the home of your dreams in all parts of the world.
The advertisements have all the necessary information accompanied by images and videos so as to provide all the details needed for a distance vision.

The popularity of smartphones, tablets and laptops has facilitated this type of interaction, and to guarantee the freedom and time savings potential customer.
An excellent example of real estate search engine comes from Italy with Cercacasa. is the first professional portal for the promotion of the buildings designed and built by real estate professionals and also managed according to the logic social oriented. A portal opened to the potential of Web 2.0. Experience of more than 12,000 industry professionals get the most innovative solution for the management of its real estate reality and integration with fellow real estate agents located throughout the world, which will allow you to quickly find a property meets your needs.
The site was created under the auspices of Fiaip, Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents, which has always worked to make more ethical and transparent real estate market.

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