lunedì 25 febbraio 2013

A nice sit-com to about real estate agents

"Vendesi" - Main actors
Often we have heard that real estate agents are not a profession "funny". Without a doubt, this injury was aggravated during a period of great difficulty of the real estate market like the one we are living because, as pointed out by a survey conducted some time ago in the United States own a real estate agent, the dislike of the category comes most of the time not so much the lack of professionalism of the agent or real character of the individual components, but the fact that the real estate broker represents for many the personification of dreams and expectations dashed. On the one hand those of the owner that he wanted to get a higher price (even if unrealistic) from the sale of your property and, second, those buyers who may be forced to give up the house they wanted or discount which had aimed.

That is why it really interesting experiment placed online these days by a couple of Italians real estate agents who, with the declared intention of making nice to the whole profession and to provide practical help and free to all those who are struggling with the purchase, sale or lease of a property, have created the first website dedicated to this Italian-com sector.

It is 10 episodes (for now only the first online) a small sit-coms, whose transmission is provided only via the web, through the dramatization of real events to the two professionals in their work, said some key issues in real estate transactions, such as the deposit, the energy certification or expenses.

Sit-com webstite:

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