mercoledì 23 gennaio 2013

London: investigation of luxury property Vatican

Saint Peter - vatican
ITALY - Sharp decline in sales and the housing market crisis black as evidenced by the data released by Fiaip.

From Bulgari shop on New Bond Street in a building in the sophisticated section of St. James's Square, at the corner of Pall Mall. Property have been discovered by the Guardian of the best quality (and price) in London are headed to the Vatican.

Real Estate in the Smart City

Improve the town to get to improve the quality of life of citizens: in summary, this is the principle behind the Smart City project, started by the EU to promote the creation of shareholder virtuous among government, private businesses and research institutes, in order to give substance to plans that promote the sustainable improvement of urban centers.

Whether for purely historical, artistic and architectural, that for reasons related to management of the property usually controversial, afflicted with extreme superficiality and reckless urban expansion, going back to the time scale of economic growth after World War II), also think about defining a brand new Italian towns, can be an task challenging, but, however hard, it is clear that should be addressed when we truly want to make the journey to reside in urban areas more eco-friendly. Regarding Italy, the Lioness is, yes, distinguished by having been given a grant of 20 million - by the EU - to pursue "smart", but therefore far, nothing has moved to put at the center of 'attention to the problem of creating the town public and private, with a view to probable (and desirable) redevelopment to have, in fact, a "smart city".

giovedì 17 gennaio 2013

Eight million pounds in an ancient castle in Scotland (ghost included)

How much would you pay for a real ghost?
One of the oldest still inhabited castles in Scotland is on sale for eight million pounds, about 9.1 million euro.

The Blair Castle located in Dalry, in Ayrshire, is a real piece of Scottish history, inhabited by the same family for nearly 850 years: the whole structure, such as a thousand acres of land owned are in perfect condition, without sacrificing modern conveniences, as the heated pool. The building dates back to 1100, a period in which it was made even the Norman tower, part of the family that Blair was given the title of barons by King William the Lion.