martedì 9 luglio 2013

Madonna has sold her New York apartment at a cut price

The property was purchased by the manager Deepak Narula for $ 19.5 million, a decline of 15% compared to the pop star initial request

The Madonna apartment in New York
The Madonna apartment in New York city
New York - In November last year, Madonna had put for sale her apartment in New York, but without receiving purchase orders for the set amount: $ 23.5 million. The property, that is on two floors overlooking Central Park, it was finally bought - as reported by the Wall Street Journal - from the manager Deepak Narula for $ 19.5 million, a cut of 15% compared to the American star initial request.

The apartment is located at the top at 41 Central Park West and it is not the first time that Madonna was trying to sell it. The star had already tried in 1996, but at that time the house had been withdrawn from the market because there was no available buyers to negotiate.

The house is on the fifth and sixth floor of a building of the early twentieth century, the Harperly Hall, and was purchased in 1980, when the singer was still married to Sean Penn. With the help of his brother, the interior designer Christopher Ciccone, the star has completely renovated the house, which includes a huge sleeping area consists of seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and five fireplaces. The master suite has a marble bathroom with a steam shower and a large bathtub.

Madonna was no longer living in Central Park since 2009. At the time, the New York Post announced that Madonna had purchased in the heart of the Upper East Side, the most exclusive area of Manhattan, a Georgian mansion with four floors for $ 32 million with several bedrooms, large lounges, fourteen bathrooms, an elevator, nine fireplaces, a large garden, garage with two parking spaces and a cellar with a grotto.

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