mercoledì 20 febbraio 2013

Black numbers for housing market. Crisis!

Crisis make me cry
ITALY - Black for the housing market crisis, which also affects a small part of the demand for mortgages.

A enderlo known is the Fiaip Federation (estate agents referring to which publishes the data on the year 2012, emphasizing a reduction of 11, 98% of real estate prices and a reduction in the number of sales of 17.22% compared to 2011.

The effects of the economic crisis are also found from the analysis of a larger period, ie the five-year period 2008-2013 (according to the experts, the period of real economic crisis), where the only housing prices have fallen by 20-25 %, even the sales have been reduced by 40%. Compared to 2012, net also decrease the prices of rentals, from -5.6% of the locations for housing to -12.5% ​​of the leases for commercial use.

Fiaip appears slightly confident hope of a slow recovery in the second half of 2013 will persist if the conditions of political and economic stability. The real estate market of non-residential showed a decrease in the price of 14.89% for the shops, 15.27% for offices and of 15.04% for construction, with a decrease in sales which amounted on average around 20%.

43% of the trading is done with the use of mortgages and loans, but with a slight reduction in requests and disbursements compared to 2011. Among the cities, the gold medal for the decline in residential property prices in Perugia, the Umbrian capital is recording a peak of -17.13%; reverse speech to Taranto where property prices have fallen by "only" 2 %.

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