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Asia, solid investor optimism in the housing market

Asia, solid investor optimism in the housing market

From the Real Estate Market Survey of RICS Global Commercial fourth quarter shows that the real estate market of northern Asia remains solid. In particular, China, Hong Kong and Japan have shown a sharp rise in sentiment in the rental market and investments. The Survey indicates, however, a more negative trend for the Singapore market, with some key indicators that showed further deterioration.


In China, demand for rentals has risen slightly after the slowdown in the third quarter, with net income up to +20. The availability of space is increased. Although expectations on rents remain on a positive territory, the increase in new construction will affect sull'outlook rents in the future. Even the confident investors saw a marked improvement, with a sharp increase in demands and expectations of transactions. The increased appetite for investment is spurring expectations on the capital value.

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the requests for rent have recovered at a faster pace in the fourth quarter. The space available has increased but not enough to weaken the outlook rents. Rising demand continues to support the expectations on the values ​​of rents. In terms of investments, the trend is more positive. There was a strong rebound in investment requests, with a net balance rising to +52. The investment market for commercial real estate has benefited by implementing further tightening measures, including stamp duty for buyers and a number of Special Taxes Stamp sales of residential apartments which came into force last October. This has contributed to a sustained rise in inflows of investments in commercial real estate. The principal amount may continue to rise, as indicated by the most positive indicator on future transactions.


As regards Japan, the net balance of the request rents continue to rise and a faster pace than the available space. This results in a positive performance expectations on rental growth. Investments in commercial real estate remained positive compared to other asset classes volatile, lower efficiency. Investors are increasingly attracted by the commercial real estate market, with the upward trend in investment requests and expectations on future transactions. However, the most promising developments in the investment market have not yet fully impacted the value of capital, which for the moment remains stable.


In Singapore, the demand for space in the fourth quarter weakened again, given that the net balance fell further to -38. They grew still spaces available. The outlook for the rental growth has deteriorated further. However, on the investment front, the picture is more favorable. Specifically, investor demand remained strong while expectations on future transactions rose further. In fact, the indicator of the capital value expectations remained positive due to increased appetite for risk.

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