venerdì 8 marzo 2013

Thud of the real estate market in Paris, shaking the prices of the safe of Europe

Is the future of Paris grey?

Storm signals were on the horizon but the final amount were worse than expected. "Home sales in Paris, one of the world safest real estate markets, have fallen by 21% in one year" makes known the Chamber of Notaries of the Ile-de-france.

Throughout the region the decrease compared to 2011 was 13%. Is therefore just the capital to suffer the most, so that prices historically high and untouchable, begin to give little signs of abating. In one year the costs are decreased by 1%, but with a tendency to get worse. The square meter value is still really expensive with and average of  8270 euro even for normal houses, not luxury villas or castles.

According to data provided by notaries have been sold in the capital only 27,690 units. In the entire region instead the amount was 150,000. Of course, the proportion between the city and the common metropolitan area of Paris explain the difference, but the question remains: is this the end of the age of investor confidence or just an isolated incident?

In the Ile-de-france region lists value decrease was 1, 4% and the average price is now certified on 5510 euro per square meter. More convenient values 3,130 euro per sq m, are located in the so-called Grand Couronne .

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