lunedì 3 giugno 2013

Crisis can be overcome with the energetic rehabilitation of the houses

Legambiente: "Is it possible to activate 3 billion euro of investments and 120,000 jobs per year"

Rome - The crisis can be overcome by the eco-renovation of houses and buildings thanks to which, according to Legambiente "can be activated 3 billion euro of investments and 120.000 jobs per year". For this reason, the Italian environmental organization has proposed - during a conference organized together with AzzeroCo2 - "a new system of incentives for energy improvement that allows to halve fuel consumption in the condo buildings".

"In light of the current situation emerges," according to Legambiente, "the need for new policies that may trigger a widespread  upgrading of the energy efficiency in buildings". With an eye especially for apartment buildings, where live about 24 million people in Italy and where very often the energy consumption are higher than the already high national average, especially if built after the 50's. According to estimates by Istat and Cresme, exists more than one million buildings with more than five rooms in which there is a condominium management. And, unfortunately for those who live there, hopes to reduce spending on energy bills are very few, given that the existing mechanisms are ineffective and often impossible to implement".

The aim of Legambiente is an average reduction of 50% of the housing consumption, certified by skipping energy class; based on a simulation carried out on condos in Milan, Rome and Bari average return through incentives varies between 31 and 36%, there would be a benefit in the bill and in the comfort both winter and summer, in addition, depending on the intervention, there could be a reduction in heating bills by about 50% within a maximum of 11 years for an amount that varies between 800 and 1300 euro per year.

According to Legambiente is necessary to introduce a new system of incentives that may apply in particular to condominiums, which offers a real possibility of reducing energy expenditure for families and at the same time attack the bulk of the energy coming from the building. "The model to look at is that of the Green Deal introduced in the UK, which allows the creation of interventions at no cost to families to pay for themselves with the savings made in fuel consumption," says Vice-President Edward Zanchini. "To realize these projects in Italy, in our proposal, they would Esco (Energy Service Company, ed) and construction companies, which could see from this scenario, a way out of the crisis in the sector."

"The interventation spaces to make our buildings more energy efficient are very broad, as shown by all the studies known," added Beppe Gamba, President of AzzeroCO2. "The economic obstacles that today's families have to carry out operations of this type can be overcome, and also creating good jobs, with the widespread intervention of the Esco that invest in their own and recover the investments with the savings made in the bill. But why is this virtuous cycle can spread requires new tools and a guarantee fund for loans to businesses. We are confident that the new Parliament will be able to tackle these issues in a constructive way".

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