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The bigger houses? Are the Australian's

Australians have bigger

The United States are famous for their architectural excesses: the boundless city, towering skyscrapers, monumental houses. We also saw that the U.S. can boast at least six of the ten most expensive homes for sale in the world. But it is news not too long ago that Australians have escaped the "cousins" Americans another record: that of the larger houses

According to research commissioned by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia National Institute of Statistics, for the first time in ten years the Australian houses of new construction have been awarded first place in the ranking of the larger houses in the world, thus relegating the new constructions American second.

The survey, conducted on individual homes and apartments completed in 2008-2009, shows just how the amplitude of Australian homes have increased by 10% in ten years, reaching an average of 214.6 square metersIn second place are the new American households, whose average size is decreased from 212 square meters to the existing 201.5 square meters. 

Follow the case of New Zealand with an average of 196.2 square metersIn Europe, the larger homes can be found in Denmark (137 square meters, data Policy Exchange 2005), which in fact occupies the fourth position in the world rankings prepared by CommSec. Italy is the second lowest, with an average of 81.5 square meters.  English are the lowest (76 sqm).
If so Australia has the biggest houses in the world, which areas are the most important sizes? The national ranking is headed by the state of New South Wales (NSW), where the new buildings completed in 2008-2009 have a surface average of 262.9 square meters. For those who prefer smaller homes, the recommended destination is Tasmania, where the average size of new construction is "only" 190.6 sqm. 

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