mercoledì 23 gennaio 2013

London: investigation of luxury property Vatican

Saint Peter - vatican
ITALY - Sharp decline in sales and the housing market crisis black as evidenced by the data released by Fiaip.

From Bulgari shop on New Bond Street in a building in the sophisticated section of St. James's Square, at the corner of Pall Mall. Property have been discovered by the Guardian of the best quality (and price) in London are headed to the Vatican.

In an extended report in the British newspaper says, nevertheless, that trace the true possession of luxury properties isn't very easy, as he writes, the Vatican uses a construction of overseas businesses and that the connections recognized in the demand by the newspaper to make known properties, have established the best to hold that information private.

The Guardian goes beyond London and describes other equally renowned property and are headed to the Vatican, in Paris, for instance. It highlights that this "empire" has been developed through the years using, in beginning, the cash received by Mussolini as a swap for acceptance of the fascist regimen by the Pope's paper finally says that he approached concerning the apostolic nuncio in London, Archbishop Antonio Mennini, but didn't comment.

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